Kym Detwiler-O'Reilly, Poulsbo's yoga, ayurveda consultant, sound healer, and energy healer

Yoga Instructor, E-RYT 500

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Madi’s introduction to the concept of yoga and meditation came at a very young age, but a consistent practice proved to be

life changing in her early adult years. Growing up with chronic anxiety, she found the teachings of yoga to be integral in her

personal healing journey. This understanding of living with something that was, for a long time, quite debilitating, provides

her with empathy for students who may struggle with conditions of their own. 

The physical aspects of yoga (asana) are only one component to what yoga is. Beginning to delve deeper and deeper into the

core of yoga as a practice she decided to take a teacher training and received her 500 hour certification in July of 2018 from

Transformational Hatha Yoga in Greece.

Madi believes strongly in yoga as a practice for absolutely everybody. Because of this, she chose to go to a training that

specializes in a yoga therapy education. This provided her with the ability to modify for people with Scoliosis, MS, Arthritis,

High Blood Pressure, Anxiety, Depression, and a plethora of other conditions. She encourages her students to always

communicate with her, as a yoga practice should challenge your habitual beliefs and physical body, but it should always be

accessible. There is a modification for every body and she is there to help you find yours.

Her belief is that we heal on all levels of our being. Yoga is not just a physical practice and you will not just receive the

physical benefits in her classes. Each movement will be synchronized with the breath—If you lose your breath you lose your

yoga. Madi’s Hatha style yoga classes will send you off of your mat with the tools to take life as it comes. After all, we are all one, and this process isn’t that of changing, it is a process of un-becoming (as Madi calls it). Madi believes that through this

practice we don’t change and evolve, but rather, make our way back to our roots. Join Madi to connect to your True-Self and

find the oneness we tend to relinquish in our Western society.

When she isn’t practicing or teaching yoga, Madi is painting, making and selling her jewelry through her business

MadMarieArt,  at the Poulsbo Farmers Market, making music, or off somewhere hiking.