Shawn Doing Clinical Massage
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Clinical massage can be used in many specific injuries as well as chronic injuries. Useful for: increasing healing rate, range of motion, and decreasing pain from sprains and strains in later stages of healing.​

It can also be used after surgical care, sports, neuropathies, and many more conditions.This modality focuses on the injury site, but may involve other aspects of the body due to transfered area effects. Repetative injuries; such as, construction workers, body workers, computer workers, can also benifit from having clinical massage work done. Again this is because 

Specific areas are targeted for care, as well as the rest of the body for allignment and structural changes and indications of need.

How do you know if you need this type of work, and not something else can be assertained in a simple consultation visit that is usually complementarty with any massage at Shanti Living Wellness. Our goal is to ensure you get the right massage for your needs at the moment. 

Call or write to us with any quesitons or concerns. We are here to assist you in obtaining the best optimal health possible.